Rise Online gets ready for an April 15 launch with all the NFTs you can handle


Last year we reported that there was a spiritual successor to an old MMORPG known as Knight Online that was in the works. Rise Online, as it’s called, looks to be a pretty standard two-faction title with a greater emphasis on PvP than PvE (although it has plenty of the latter).

For anyone out there looking to try out this title, you won’t be in for a long wait. Rise Online set its release date at April 15th. However, the launch comes with one enormous caveat: Rise Online is absolutely festooned with NFTs that will allow you to leverage your character into internet money.

“You will be able to convert your characters in the game into NFTs and use them as an endless artifact, transfer them to others, and even receive inheritance commission from their subsequent sales as the first owner,” the Turkish studio said on the forums.

Source: Rise Online
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