Sunset World Online adds new secondary classes and controller support in latest update


At the top of March we reported on Sunset World Online, the re-launched version of the 2-D platforming MMORPG Element Quest that shuttered in February. Despite the re-release’s title sounding like a dire prophecy of its fortunes, Sunset World has put out a new update with plenty of new features for players.

The tentpole attraction for the patch is a level cap raise from 10 to 20, which coincides with the addition of a “second class” that players can select, adding Lightning, Magma, Ice, and Nature elements into the character class mix. The other major part of the update is the introduction of full controller support, letting those who prefer a gamepad over WASD to play the game.

Other parts of the update include two new general spells, a few general changes, and a list of fixes. The patch notes share all of the details.

sources: press release, Steam
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