TERA Console prepares to celebrate four years, adds new Stigmas and dungeon in latest patch


TERA Console is turning four years old this year, and that means it’s time for players to celebrate with a new update, upcoming events, and a soon-to-arrive new battle pass called Black Tiger. Bet you can’t guess why.

Just in case you couldn’t guess why, the Black Tiger battle pass will reward a Black Tiger mount for players to run around on, along with a round of cosmetics that celebrate “the beauty of Korea” and other boost items. Details on what’s waiting in the battle pass will be live when it becomes available on Thursday, March 31st.

Also arriving on March 31st are several celebratory events to mark the MMORPG’s fourth anniversary, including level boosting events, login rewards, gear giveaways and dungeon events, and discounts on enhancing Stigmas and purchasing TERA Coin.

As for the current patch, players can check out a hard version of the Corrupted Skynest dungeon along with the return of hard version of Antaroth’s Abyss, chase after three new Special Stigmas to fight against certain monsters, and enjoy some dungeon balance and reward tweaks.

sources: press release, official site
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