Ultima Online gets Spring Fever while New Legacy shard work continues


Anticipation is building for Ultima Online’s newest initiative, a throwback shard (of a sort) called New Legacy. While New Legacy isn’t here yet, Broadsword Online reported that work is progressing nicely in building up this world for its future inhabitants.

“Our focus has been been on finishing the pillars of the shard — the game world, skill progression, resource acquisition, crafting, guild, social, and PvP combat all forming the pillars of the New Legacy experience,” the studio said in its March newsletter. “Coupled with our work on the game world and skill progression last year, our focus this year has been on wrapping up resource acquisition and crafting before moving on to the guild and social and PvP side of things.”

Some of the improvements in New Legacy will be a calendar that advances faster than normal, a resource bank that can be accessed anywhere, and the end of crafting failure.

Meanwhile, Ultima Online’s “Spring Fever” event is raging hard along with Wrath of the Fey. Players can go on Easter egg hunts, go on “dynamic” quests, and fight champion spawns for limited-time rewards.

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