Dual Universe’s Athena update hits PTS March 31, will be the last major update before launch


There’s some doubly intriguing news for followers of the space building sandbox Dual Universe out this week: The game’s upcoming Athena update is entering PTS testing at the end of the month on Thursday, March 31st, and it will be the last major update of the game’s beta before the game officially releases.

As a reminder, Athena will mostly be about PvP with the introduction of resource-generating alien cores that can be claimed and fought over, along with some visual improvements. Testing will focus on warfare around these cores, as well as space mining units and relic plasma collectors, stasis weapons, and adjustments to maximum speed for constructs.

As noted earlier, Athena will be the last major update before DU fully releases, though players can expect several smaller updates beforehand as well as more information about DAC implementation, avatar vs. avatar combat, and whether there will be a wipe after launch. Information on these topics is promised soon™.

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