12-year-old Nexon MMO Vindictus just launched its 20th playable hero, Letty


Well here’s a name we haven’t heard in a long time: Vindictus. Nexon’s long-running action-combat MMORPG this week released a brand-new hero – heroine, in fact – for players. Letty, a “charming girl who fell in love with explosions,” marks the 20th toon addition to the 12-year-old game.

“Heavy cannon gunner, Letty, is now open to play in Nexon’s popular MMORPG Vindictus, making her the 20th hero to enter the game,” the studio says. “She’s a former cadet of the Lyon Navy and despite her looks, is obsessed with flames, destruction and thrills. Her heavy cannon, Cradie, keeps her company as she goes from battle to battle causing massive explosions.”

“As a lovely heavy cannon gunner, Letty holds special skill abilities to support her in combat. Her first main skill is Storm Smite, which fires a powerful shot after reloading her heavy cannon, dealing massive damage to enemies hit and causing chained explosions that activate Letty’s Thrill status effect. Her Beautiful Blaze skill fires concentrated flames after reloading. The remaining flames on the ground can be scattered around for additional damage. Letty Bomber fires a giant shell filled with Letty’s specialty bombs into the sky toward the enemy. The giant shell and her cluster of bombs will fall to the ground, dealing massive damage. Finally, her ultimate skill is D-Day, which suppresses the enemy and fires a galore of shells with her heavy cannon, causing a dazzling chain of explosions.”

Nexon is kicking off a Carnival Party through April 26th to celebrate Letty’s introduction, complete with freebie cosmetics and titles for your own Letty and Cradie combo.

Source: Patch notes, press release, official site
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