EVE Online begins testing changes to upwell structure defenses and ships, adds a feature preview opt-in function


While EVE Online is continuing to flap excitedly at the upcoming Fanfest event and all of its planned reveals, there are still adjustments to the space sandbox that CCP Games wants to make ahead of the event, which are outlined in two different dev blogs and available to test right now.

The larger of the two posts outlines changes to the standup defensive features of upwell structures, most of which fall on the nerf side of the spectrum, and changes to a variety of ships including further improvements to the Rorqual, a number of buffs to the Proteus, and changes to stealth bombers that make them better at dropping bombs.

The post also nods to a new feature preview system that players can opt in to that lets them try out complex systems as they’re developed and provide feedback. The first feature test that utilizes this new system is Photon UI that promises better interaction feedback, unified functionality, and an updated sci-fi look.

sources: official site (1, 2)
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