Path of Exile adds in controller support with its latest patch


Isn’t anything you use to control a video game a controller, really? Doesn’t that make your mouse and keyboard a controller? It’s controlling the game, after all. While you sit there and think about it, possibly while staring slack-jawed and muttering, “Duuuude” at no one in particular, watch out for the latest patch from Path of Exile which has added in new controller support options for the game for PC players. And yes, we are talking about controllers of the type you hold in your hands with a number of buttons.

The patch also contains a number of bug fixes for issues that were considered of lesser importance, just to ensure that even players who aren’t interested in using a new controller still get some extra benefit out of this latest update. But the most benefit will be to people who wish to play on PC but still want the satisfaction of using a controller. Even though we’ve just established that everything is a controller. Duuuude.

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