Gamigo-published Fractured wants players to volunteer to work as unpaid game masters


Hey, do you want a games industry job? How about one that doesn’t actually pay money? Dynamight Studios’ Fractured Online, which is currently under the publishing stewardship of Gamigo, is apparently hunting for volunteers to serve not only as moderators but as game masters for the upcoming MMORPG.

As outlined in the pitch post, these volunteers won’t be answering tickets or touching code; they’ll be running events for other players, reporting bugs, moderating Discord, “intervening” in issues of player harassment in-game and out, and “being the first line of Customer Service forwarding player feedback.”

“Volunteering is also the first step in the door to get into the industry!” the studios write. Yay, exposure.

We note here that while volunteering for “guide” roles is not unheard of in this industry or genre, Gamigo’s parent company, MGI, pulled in $276M US in revenue last year, up 80% compared to the year before. This is not a charity; it can afford to pay support staff for the games it publishes, and frankly asking players to do it for free undermines the importance of proper community management for online games. (Also, if you like running events, the Ultima Online studio Broadsword has only six devs on that game and still manages to pay its event moderators.)

Meanwhile, would-be Fractured testers are preparing for another closed beta; Dynamight has previously said that it will be migrating to Gamigo’s Glyph user system and launcher this week. The studio has also “paused” the Foundation system, which is basically a reward system that confers titles, points, and tokens upon testers based on their activities.

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