Fallout 76 invites players to test out a trio of all-new public events

Loack? Lode?

Summer may be a ways out right now, but that’s not stopping Fallout 76 from getting ready for beach bums and ice cream trucks. And by that we mean “prepping for the next content update.” The post-apocalyptic title has a trio of public events in the works, and those who jump on the test server to try them out will earn a special pennant for their troubles.

“This time, there are three all-new Public Events that you can sink your teeth into,” Bethesda said. “Team up with the Gladiators of Steel to square off against deadly Rust Eagle robots during the ‘Test Your Metal’ event, join in the Moonshine Jamboree to whip up a fresh batch of Mire Magic Moonshine by harvesting venom from a horde of vicious Gulpers, and fight back against an onslaught of frenzied Super Mutants during Eviction Notice to secure a new location that will help Foundation expand its turf.”

Meanwhile, Fallout 76’s Treasure Hunter event has activated. Players are advised to keep their eyes open for mole miners who might be carting around untold riches. This event will conclude on Monday, March 28th.

Source: Fallout 76
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