Kickstarted VR MMORPG Ilysia launches its second alpha today


MMORPG Ilysia is gearing up for its next alpha, Team 21 Studio announced on Discord and YouTube last night. “For those that have access, Alpha 2 will become available to play starting March 25th and will run till April 8th,” the studio said.

“Those who backed on Pre-Kickstarter and respective Kickstarter Tiers, alongside those who have been given keys through our giveaways, will have the opportunity to jump into our Alpha 2! Complete the questline or spend your time exploring the world to find points of interest or some of Ilysia‚Äôs hidden secrets. There are plenty of things to discover in the world, and we look forward to seeing what you find!”

The team says this will be a closed alpha, but it does run giveaways for access in Discord if you feel like jumping through those hoops.

Readers will recall that Ilysia was Kickstarted for $159K back in 2020 and pitched as a virtual reality traditional MMO “inspired by classic MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and EverQuest” where gamers can “experience the glory days of MMORPGs again.” The game ran its first alpha last summer; as of last August, Team 21 Studio said it had raised additional funding through private investment.

Source: Twitter, Discord
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