Neverwinter’s latest patch brings back the Challenge of the Gods event, notes technical issues with a new lockbox


Neverwinter has received a patch this week, which doesn’t really have a whole lot going on in terms of content or even contents; there are some fixes to items, a mount power, and the Zen Market UI, and the notes call attention to bugs in the new Lockbox of Dark Omens that are due to be fixed sometime next week.

The major portion of the update is the returning Challenge of the Gods event that issues random challenges for slaying specific monsters to honor specific gods in the Neverwinter pantheon. Completion of these deific tasks awards a box with various items waiting inside, and players can additionally take up daily quests to get an enhanced version of the goodie box.

The event is running between now and Thursday, March 31st, while the latest patch notes outline a few event-specific adjustments players will want to know.

source: official site (1, 2)
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