The Daily Grind: Does your MMO class need a nerf?


Fam, my Lord of the Rings Online Hunter is ridiculous. She gets a speed buff that stays on after combat. She gets a heal and a cure. She gets tracking. She gets stealth. She gets group teleports on no cooldown. She gets an evac. And on top of it all, she’s an absolute killing machine. I could literally faceroll on my keyboard and mobs would die. I’m not kidding.

When I play other characters – and I have a bunch! – I find myself missing the conveniences and power of the Hunter, the conveniences most of all. My melee characters get some of those perks, like teleports and speed, but they’re not as good, and of course melee combat is nowhere near as convenient as tab targeting and shooting everything with fire arrows from many paces away. I just wind up wondering why anyone would play anything else. (I know the answer because I also play other toons, but still.)

Maybe Hunters don’t need a nerf; other classes just need to be brought to parity (but they probably won’t because of the cash shop setup for ports and buffs). But one way or another, I feel super overpowered, and instead of feeling grateful, I just feel grumbly about my other characters – even the ones with pets and music.

Does your MMO class need a nerf?

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