EverQuest II heralds the return of Bristlebane Day until April 6


The self-described “silliest holiday in all of Norrath” is back again for EverQuest II players. It’s time once more for the return of Bristlebane Day, which is running between now and Wednesday, April 6th, bringing the promise of in-game April Fools’ Day fun.

This year’s event is offering up 10 new merchant items including a new mount, a new “Perfectly Serious Items to Craft XIII” tradeskill book, and the addition of patchcraft creatures in the Karuupa Jungle zone for the live servers. Special rules servers like Kaladim, and Kael Drakkel will have the full measure of the event, while Tarinax’s version of the event will be missing the Pains of Herding and Plethora of Patchcraft Parts due to zone inaccessibility.

For those looking to celebrate foolishness in EQII, your time has come at last. Praise Fizzlethorpe!

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