Fallen Earth hosts a screenshot contest for chickens and crabs


It’s heartening to see the Fallen Earth team continuing to pump life into the Classic community months after the server’s re-launch. In fact, this past month we had the St. Patrick’s Day event followed by a new screenshot contest that pays out in in-game rewards.

“In a ruined world full of uncertainty, happy memories are a valuable currency,” Little Orbit said. “A peaceful moment under the open sky, a distant echo of the wilderness, and raw survival under your fingers. How many memorable moments can a single pondering mind preserve before they are lost forever? Share your best moments within the world of Fallen Earth with us all, and potentially trade them off for some valuable items!”

Prizes for the top entrants include a prairie chicken mount, Trashy the Hermit Crab pets, a speed booster, and plenty of currency. One Shots crowd, get to work and represent Massively OP here!

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