Mortal Online 2 releases a patch that promises better network performance for larger battles


On the surface, the newest update for Mortal Online 2 appears to be pretty standard, but hiding among the notes is one big promise regarding the game’s network. At the top of the bug fix list is a note that promises “major network optimization,” allowing for higher player capacity and larger battles. This network update is enough to keep the alternate Myrland continent servers down until they’re needed again.

Otherwise, the patch is low on additions and heavy on adjustments to things like criminal timer reset tweaks for pets and players alike (being a pet-owning criminal will now see the grey timer reset when the pet is hit, as an example), a change to the Snow Troll’s spawn location, and a larger required space between house placement. Of course, whether the latest patch does indeed improve network conditions is up to the players to decide.

source: Steam
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