Alganon’s Twitter account posts that Alganon is coming back


If you’ve forgotten about Alganon, well, we don’t entirely blame you. The game has been having a bit of a lie-down for a while now; the servers went offline in 2018 and then just… never came back. But Derek Smart has been promising (for four years now) that it’s coming back, for real, any time now. This makes it notable that the game’s Twitter account has also tweeted that players should be prepared for the new dawn because Alganon is coming back.

None of the obvious questions (when is it coming back, will player data still be there, is there any prospect of new content, etc) are answered in the tweet, of course. It’s a tweet. These are not known for high information density. We do know that Derek Smart’s last statement on the issue is that the relaunch will be a full server wipe. But it’s yet another reminder of promises that the game did not die but has simply been resting for four years. Don’t call it a sunset just yet, in other words.

Source: Twitter
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