Dauntless’ new patch brings more New Dawn story, shortens item rumor requirements, and preps for Springtide


Spring has almost sprung in the world of Dauntless, and Slayers’ minds turn to thoughts of collecting Carrot Chips for Easter-themed goodies. Yes, the Springtide event is almost here as it’s arrived in the multiplayer RPG’s latest patch though the event itself won’t go live until Thursday, March 31st.

For those who missed out on last year, Springtide tasks players with completing objectives and saving pufflehops for Carrot Chips, which can be used at Honest Ozz’s shop for new and returning thematic goodies. There’s also an egg-centric (pun not intended) quest line that rewards a new title and crown, and some new items in the cash shop to celebrate the springtime.

As for the rest of the patch, the new week has added another quest in the New Dawn storyline, fixed a couple of bugs, and greatly reduced the number of needed materials for certain tiered item rumors like the Timeweave Vambraces, Timeweave Quadhammer, and the Stone Cold Armoury helm.

source: official site (1, 2)
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