One More Game’s latest blog talks bot AI, peppers in hints at a possible but ‘hypothetical’ PvP RTS


We’re going to lead off by stating that dev studio One More Game – the one that was founded by former ArenaNet and Riot Games devs – hasn’t expressly stated what game it’s working on apart from saying they’ll be “delightful” online cross-platform PC and mobile games, and the most recent dev blog from the studio talks about a “hypothetical real-time strategy game,” emphasis ours. That said, there is some bot AI work happening for the game, the blog talks about PvP, and the AI in question apparently has to make decisions quicker than the average bot. Take that how you will.

The blog goes into some technical detail of a “searching system” AI process, which simulates a variety of potential choices available in the game’s current state then measures those outcomes to determine the best course of action, espouses how this new form of AI lightens the load for the devs and the game, and talks up the boons of early development of bot AI, all within the framework of a game state that’s actively changing based on player actions.

It all sounds very real-time strategy, but the blog is an interesting read for armchair devs regardless of whether these suppositions prove true or not.

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