ArcheAge makes tweaks to several items and instances, kicks off two new events


There’s an update now available in ArcheAge that’s introducing a whole lot of adjustments to the sandbox MMORPG. Among the updates are a new Brilliant Erenor cloak and changes to cloak upgrade material stacks, a new ArchePass for AA Unchained, the addition of Black Dragon and Rebellion Hereafter content, a move for the Mistsong Summit dungeon to a global dungeon, and changes to armor set effects.

The update is also adding two new events: one that hands out upgrade scrolls for free for simply being in-game, and another that lets players become a Greenman and complete quests for rewards. The game’s marketplace is also getting an update with rose knight weapons and outfits and a set of rose-covered wings to turn your character into an allergy bird. The servers came back online from maintenance ahead of schedule, so players should be able to experience all the adjustments for themselves.

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