Fractured’s closed beta begins April 6 amid Gamigo’s corporate chaos


Never mind that this information was supposed to land last week; it’s here now. It’s the news that Fractured Online’s beta is rolling out on April 6th. Prospective players will need to buy their way into the beta, if they haven’t already, by snagging a founder pack, which for this phase will start around $26. None of your progress will carry over to launch, the servers will stay up around the clock, and there’s no NDA on any of the new content you’ll be testing.

Fractured, of course, is a PvP sandbox MMORPG that was Kickstarted for over $130,000 back in 2018. At the tail-end of 2021, the indie team at Dynamight Studios announced that it had partnered with Gamigo to publish the game. But Gamigo has had a terribly bumpy week itself, first having offered to pay Fractured’s community volunteers with exposure, and second having laid off a significant number of workers following a wildly successful 2021 financial year. Gamigo has yet to respond to press inquiries about the layoffs, but as we reported Monday, our sources indicated many MMOs and community teams were hit – with the exception of Fractured.

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