Neverwinter’s ‘April Fowls’ returns with chicken raids and Poultry vs. Poultry fights


It’s April Fools season (?) in the MMO world, and for Neverwinter, that means an outbreak of frisky poultry. Yes, it’s “April Fowls,” a wide-ranging event that starts on March 31st and ends April 14th.

During this event, players can join the fight against a chicken thief in the sewers — and his undead birds. The chase prize for this particular activity is a Ring of Fowl Weather artifact that spits out chickeny tornadoes.

“Seems that something fowl is taking over Neverwinter and it’s all centered around a poor civilian by the name of Earl,” Cryptic said. “Earl the Chickenmancer has been cursed with a Touch of the Chicken. His ability to turn things into chickens has become a hazard to Neverwinter! ”

Additionally, players can help cull out-of-control chickies, earn a giant undead bird mount, engage in PvP (that’s poultry-vs-poultry) bouts, and earn currency to buy a variety of rewards.

Source: Neverwinter, 2
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