Swords of Legends Online drops two more dungeons next week and a raid after that

That's something, huh?

Gameforge is talking up two more dungeons and a raid en route to Swords of Legends Online as part of the ongoing Firestone Legacy rollout. In the immediate future, players can expect the dungeons. “Starting April 7, two new dungeons will welcome challengers who are heroic enough to brave their treacherous terrain,” the company says.

Jubao Residence: The home of the Toad Clan is rich with unforetold treasure and honorable warriors — a prime target for Meijia and the Demon Clan. Venture forth to Sand Island in the South Sea to help the Toad Clan protect their home.

Wuyu Hummock Forest: Home to a cunning band of winged demons, while tranquil in appearance, warriors of legend who dare to cross the threshold will face perilous opponents lurking around every corner.”

As for the raid, that’s Taihua Mountain, and it’s coming later on in April after the dungeon rollout. You’ll be fighting no less than a demon army and the harpy king to thwart their plans to free their imprisoned demon lord. Don’t worry; you’ve surely got this. What could go wrong?

Source: Press release. This article was amended after publication to clarify that the raid isn’t coming on April 7th but at a future date.
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