Ashes of Creation grants a first look at Alpha Two’s character creator


It would make sense that the next alpha build for Ashes of Creation would look different, particularly since the PvP sandbox is upgrading to Unreal Engine 5, but those looks are no better reflected than in a new character creator for Alpha Two that has been showcased by the devs at Intrepid Studios.

The character creator was the big highlight of yesterday’s development livestream as it granted fans and followers more than 40 minutes’ worth of footage and talk about features like a detail system that will blend textures, individual face adjustment functions, and the decal feature that lets players apply scars and tattoos in a generally freeform way.

The livestream further talked about how each of AOC’s races will be distinct in their architecture and tailoring, shared a brief studio update about some newly hired department heads, quickly mentioned plans for character creation-centered contests, and took up the usual round of player Q&A. The complete stream is embedded below, along with the separate video of Alpha Two’s character creation in action.

sources: YouTube, Twitch

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