Myth of Empires opens a server with no building decay and lands on the Humble Bundle store

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Angela Game appears to be hard set on operating the survival sandbox Myth of Empires as if there’s no ongoing legal issues happening whatsoever, or as MOP’s Eliot succinctly described it, “There are no legal problems, everything is fine, no one’s hair is on fire.”

For instance, the devs have opened a no-decay building server that grants players abundant resources and no building decay rules to let them craft the castle of their dreams. Additionally, the game’s self-published International Vanguard edition is now up for purchase on the Humble Bundle store, which will set back curious players a cool $25.

Meanwhile, the game has put out a couple of small patches that stop carts from being useable underwater, halt scythes from being able to harvest crops from other factions, and adjust the start times of battle passes in North America.

All of this appears to be a continued thumbing of the eye of Snail Games’ lawsuit against Angela Game, which alleges that the devs of MoE stole code from ARK: Survival Evolved in order to create the game. The case has yet to make any significant steps forward, with the last report involving the court seeking an outside expert to review the game’s code. Meanwhile, MoE appears more than eager to push forward with ongoing development, including seasonal servers that will feature sped-up progression.

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