‘Throwback MMO’ Monsters & Memories shares updates on concept art, character textures, and a dungeon


It’s been a long while since there was any major updates coming from Monsters & Memories, the self-described “throwback MMO” from EverQuest and DC Universe Online developer Shawn Lord, so let’s review. This game first came to our attention in April 2021 when it was under the codename Project_N. Lord described the game as a “classic fantasy MMO” with visual inspiration from ’70s and ’80s rock album covers. The game rebranded to its new name in August 2021 and has since been sharing sporadic updates as it slowly takes shape.

Another one of those updates was shared last week, offering bullet lists on development progress on the Tomb of the Last Wyrmsbane low-level dungeon, further work on its proof-of-concept zone, character model progress for human and ogre player characters, and a test client that was able to login 500 users and rotate them in place in order to test user density in a small space. There’s also a whole load of zone concept artwork for fans to ogle.

The update closes on musings regarding a merch store, stating that plans are going to be pushed to one side for now, as print-on-demand merch is suitable for M&M’s small team but also doesn’t have the highest quality the devs want out of merch. For the time being, there’s been a month’s worth of progress to note.

source: official site. Cheers, Minimalistway!
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