Warhammer’s Return of Reckoning welcomes players to its new Ratnarok scenario


Warhammer Online’s world of strife got another place for players to work out their grievances. The Return of Reckoning rogue server team announced the release of Ratnarok, a new 6v6 defense scenario.

“In this scenario you will compete against your opposing realm to defend your base from waves of Skaven,” the team said. “If a Skaven makes it past your defences your opposing realm will be granted one point. You will need to defend all five lanes from exponentially increasing amounts of Skaven in each wave. The first team to get 500 points and thereby the opposing realm having conced 500 Skaven will win the scenario. This game will be free to all existing alpha testers of Return of Reckoning.”

In other Return of Reckoning news, the latest build changed up how player item drops are doled out, how the “Against All Odds” system works in those last few minutes, and objectives with the Necropolis of Zandri. It also added guild leaderboards and heraldry to the killboards.

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