Albion Online promises surprises for its Rites of Spring starting on April 12

No! Not this! Wrong time!

Look, see that header image up there? That’s not what is coming to Albion Online with the arrival of the Rites of Spring event starting on April 12th. The whole point of celebrating the Rites of Spring is the end of snow and cold and all of that stuff. But we can’t picture what is coming to the game because it is a big deep mystery that the game is promising will be revealed when the rites begin!

So what will the mysterious new presence be? We don’t yet know; we only know that it’s a creature never before seen in Albion with strange new powers, meaning that it is almost certainly going to be something silly and charming. This is definitely a game that knows how to have fun with its setting. You’ll have to find out what the mysterious new presence is on April 12th, thenMaybe it’s a new mommy. Last year it was all about searching out eggs and finding the two-handed axe called the Eggsecutioner, so calibrate your silliness sensors appropriately.

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