Crowfall’s latest patch adds significant dev config for next week’s Wolfe campaign


Kickstarted MMORPG Crowfall has been through kind of a lot in its short life. Having launched last summer, the RvR game suffered from a low population and layoffs and then was bought out and taken over by a superfan, leaving the founders to continue building a new game under the ArtCraft banner. A few weeks ago, the new crew, still led by Lead Designer Thomas “Blixtev” Blair, announced the 7.700 milestone update, which was planned to introduce unique campaigns and campaign configuration.

This week’s patch actually implements just that. “Starting in the 7.700 milestone, we are going to start turning the Campaign Configuration knobs, and see how it works out! Based on the results we will see where we need to adjust future Campaign plans,” Blixtev explained back in March, noting that these “knobs” included everything from level caps and duration to hastened crafting/gathering and special rules about bringing in outside items. The Wolfe campaign begins next week, with a whole slew of “knobs” outlined by the community manager on Reddit.

The patch further revamps Dreg’s Fort progression, tweaks some classes, adds the Dragoon discipline, addresses a multitude of bugs, and adjusts loot settings and preferences.

MOP’s own Fight or Kite columnist Sam Kash checked in with the game just a few weeks ago, finding the game to still be fun and full of potential but low on actual players.

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