The Wagadu Chronicles highlights the various features of its alpha build in a new trailer


While words and images can help create a vision of what an MMO’s alpha build looks like, video showing of the game can very often communicate so much more, and that’s just what developer Twin Drums has done for The Wagadu Chronicles as the studio released a trailer highlighting its current alpha.

The trailer provides a moving preview of the feature set of the MMORPG’s first alpha, showcasing how roleplay drives character creation and activities in-game, whether its combat, harvesting and crafting, officiating in-game weddings, speaking with the spirits of the land, or upgrading a personal housing area to host parties. The video also casts a light on player-built villages, economic conflicts among player villages, and the potential for diplomacy.

The footage in the video is pre-alpha gameplay, but the layers that are in the alpha build all look very impressive. Fans can decide for themselves by watching the trailer after the cut, while those who are interested in joining in on the next wave of alpha tester invites are encouraged to sign up to the newsletter.

source: YouTube
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