Osiris New Dawn adds multiplayer vehicles and improved travel in the Voyager update


Exploring the survival sandbox worlds of Osiris: New Dawn is inevitably going to involve travel, but as of the newly released Voyager update, that travel is now going to allow friends to ride along as multiplayer vehicle features have been officially introduced to the early access title.

This new functionality was part of the experimental build’s feature set among other changes, but now these new changes can be experienced by everyone without having to play an early access build of an early access build. Now, multiplayer vehicles can travel to different planets, the Proteus 2 Site A map has been remastered and allows for multimap travel whether it’s in a vehicle or on foot, first-person movement has been smoothed, and other vehicles have gotten improvements like two-person functions for the GAV and faster movement for the Mech and Mecha Crab.

In addition to all this locomotion going on, the update also improves sand terrain, changes lighting and gravity levels on Zer, makes it easier for space stations to orbit Proteus 2 and Zer, adds a health bar for enemies (again), and softens some of the requirements for early game crafting recipes. The latest update notes outline all that’s new in this patch.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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