PSO2 New Genesis’ April update goes live as a new video showcases future content for April and June


Today is the day for players of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis to dive into a bunch of new content. The April update has now gone live with a level cap raise to 45, new skills and arts, and new items and gear.

The patch has introduced two new skills for the Force and Techter classes, some new Photon Arts for all of the game’s weapons, and multi-element Compound Techniques for Rods, Talises, and Wands. As one might expect with a rise in character level, there are new higher ranks for certain combat sectors, urgent quests, and Battledia, along with some new enemies to face and new equipment, Augments, and Potentials to gain. Finally, the patch has made some quality-of-life tweaks to quests, tasks, and menus.

Meanwhile, the latest NGS Headline video provided a look at future updates due later this month, which will include new high rank sectors in Retem, the seventh season of the NGS Mission Pass, the Geometric Labyrinth advanced training area that changes with every playthrough, and two new SG Scratch Tickets. The video also highlighted the game’s next major content update set for June known as Frozen Resolution, which will bring the frigid region of Kvaris, with new enemies, new areas, and (naturally) rocket snowboarding.

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