Dual Universe’s Athena update will introduce a new tutorial as PTS testing gets extended


There’s a feature coming to Dual Universe’s Athena update that’s remained hidden up until now: a new First Time User Experience, aka FTUE, aka a tutorial, and Novaquark would finally like to let players know all about it.

This FTUE will introduce a new planet known as Haven that is free from PvP aggression in order to let players learn the ropes. It’s here that newly created characters will get to choose an outpost where they’re taught the basics. Once this is completed, players are free to do whatever they wish, whether it’s strike out entirely on their own, follow some suggested next steps from the outpost’s objectives screen, take up advanced tutorials, or expand their outpost constructs.

This newly revealed FTUE coincidentally runs with some extra PTS testing scheduled for this Friday, April 8th, until Monday, April 11th, when players can kick the tires of the new tutorial. Those who are eager to try out this new onramp into DU can do so then, or we call all wait on when the Athena update brings the whole kit and kaboodle.

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