Swords of Legends Online opens up two new dungeons and kicks off an Easter celebration


Yesterday saw a new update arrive to Swords of Legends Online, and it’s pretty much a tale of two contents: On the one hand, players have two new dungeons to fight in, while on the other hand, there’s an Easter event going down with eggs, birds, and tug-of-war.

The two new dungeons in question are Jubao Residence and Wuyu Hummock Forest. Jubao promises “a goldmine of treasures” collected by the chanchu with some commensurately stern defenses to cut through, while Wuyu is noted for its beautiful scenery and fierce demonic foes. Both dungeons are currently available only in normal mode, but higher difficulties will come later.

As for the Easter event, players can head to Jiangdu to take part in activities like a search for hidden Easter eggs, a tug-of-war contest of strength, or a bird brawl that sees players transform into birds in order to… well, to brawl. The Easter celebration runs between now and Thursday, April 28th.

source: official site (1, 2)
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