Trove kicks off this year’s Bunfest Easter event and releases a bundle to benefit Ukraine


Spring has sprung in Trove, which incidentally brings the springing of hopping bunnies! It’s time once more for Bunfest, the Easter event that’s available between now and Tuesday, April 19th.

This year’s event will once more ask players to help Quebesly with some thematically appropriate tasks such as completing dailies, finding hidden eggs, and battling shadow bunnies located in the Bunfest Delve biome for a variety of rewards. There’s also a new Sunrise Spring pack available in the in-game store for those who celebrate spring by spending money on MMOs.

Perhaps a better way to spend money on Trove and also help a good cause would be to purchase a Steadfast Friends bundle, which not only features a unique Steadfast Sunflower mount and Sunny Sunflower ally, but also raises funds to help families and children affected by the war in Ukraine. This pack is for PC players only and comes in three different price points for those who want to donate more, with all profits from bundle sales going directly to charity.

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