Book of Travels calls in help to untangle old code as it focuses on tech issues


Back in February, we reported that micro-MMO Book of Travels announced a radical step back to the drawing board while studio Might and Delight focused on fixing some of the core issues of the game before proceeding forward. Thanks to an update put out to backers this week, we learned that the studio is getting some assistance as it firms up its foundation.

“Just like I put it on the table seven weeks ago, we are in a development phase of going back to the foundation and untangling the messier parts of the game code,” said Might and Delight CM Oliver. “To that end we’ve called in help from old friends with large amounts of experience dealing with situations like ours.”

The studio said that it will spend the next quarter focusing on “more large scope tech issues” while it goes more radio silent than normal. The hope is that this will be effective enough to allow for game content (such as the city of Kasa) to resume production after those three months are up.

Source: Kickstarter
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