The Daily Grind: Has a patch ever saved an MMO for you?

It ensues.

A while back, I penned a Daily Grind about expansions that sent MMOs wildly off course. Today, I want to do the opposite and talk about updates and expansions and patches that actually saved MMOs, or at least saved them for you.

The first example that springs to mind for me is City of Heroes’ issue 14, which introduced the Mission Architect and let people design their own missions. That got my attention, and my guild re-stormed the game and stayed for a good long while. I wasn’t even the world’s biggest fan of the missions, but that’s the patch that brought me back and really made me take the game seriously again.

I can think of other examples where major changes, but that one stands above the rest for turning me from shrugging about a game to moving it back into my top five MMOs and keeping it there for a long time.

Has a patch ever saved an MMO for you?

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