Egg-hatched bunny mounts bound into Albion Online’s Rites of Spring


When Sandbox Interactive announced a special mystery prize for Albion Online’s Rites of Spring event last week, our newsroom debated what it could be; we speculated it was wargloves for punchin’ bunnies or possibly even wargloves made out of eggs. This ensured we spent the next 15 minutes cracking jokes about fake egg-related weapons and no work got done.

Needless to say, neither eggs nor bunnies will be punched by the real mystery prize, which turns out to be an actual bunny mount that is exceptionally cute, far too cute for the cutthroat world of Albion Online. The Spring Cottontail mount is a tier 8 mount with a hop ability and no destiny prereqs, meaning anybody can use one… once somebody’s found the egg, raised it, and trained it.

Just so we’re clear, this is not how actual bunnies are made. Only bunny mounts in Albion. Don’t think about it too hard.

“The Rites of Spring sees Albion filled with treasure for players to hunt down. All types of chests usually found in the open world will spawn at a much increased rate for the next two weeks. Alongside these, a new Spring Treasure Chest will appear, which has the chance of containing special, themed items. On top of that, giant Colored Eggs are once again sprouting from the ground, which can be broken open for Surprise Eggs and chocolate. And both the chests and, on rare occasions, the Colored Eggs may themselves contain a particularly special type of egg if you’re very lucky…”

Incidentally, if you really do want an egg-related weapon, Albion does have one of those, though it’s sadly not wargloves: It’s called the Eggsecutioner, and yes, it’s back this year too.

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