EverQuest II’s GU 119 Coffers and Coffins is live with new dungeon content


During this week’s MassivelyOP Podcast, we joked that Daybreak had managed to announce an EverQuest II patch name and open its beta without telling anyone much about what was in it. That’s changed now as last night Daybreak’s Darkpaw Games released the update to the live servers with a splash page and patch notes with slightly longer details on what’s actually in the patch for those of us who didn’t pop into the beta in the last week. Listen, we’re just happy the game is getting updates, low-key or not; we’re not going to fuss that much about the order of operations.

The update includes the new Akashic Incursion Raid in Forlorn Gist, new Haunting Presence Raid in Castle Vacrul, The Merchant’s Den mission, multiple new achievements, an update to the in-game browser, a new housing vendor, itemization tweaks, new rewards for solo and heroic missions, a new Overseer season, alt perks for some quests, UI tweaks, and plenty more in the patch notes.

“With time, we’ve discovered the truth about Castle Vacrul deep in the heart of Vetrovia. But something else much more sinister and frightening has also come to light. Whispers of undying witches, infamous vampires, and hordes of bloodthirsty minions plaguing the region have been heard by those brave enough to listen. If you dare, head back into Forlorn Gist to discover the perils and great rewards that await. Vikana, an entrepreneur from Freeport, is attempting to set up her shop in Forlorn Gist, but is finding the competition in the village to be very cut-throat. She’s not above doing what it takes to be a successful merchant. Are you above getting your hands dirty to help her?”

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