Destiny 2 previews upcoming dungeon and raid rotation tweaks and next week’s patch notes


Bungie is hoping to inject a bit of freshness into the weekly chase for power levels in Destiny 2, and it thinks it has a solution in the form of a new rotation of featured content coming in Season 17.

This change to the game’s rotator system will break up dungeon and raid content into seasonal and weekly categories, with newer instances in the seasonal rotation and everything else in the weekly rotation. The idea is to grant players a reason to revisit older content and make raids and dungeons more enticing. On the subject of raids, the Master difficulty of Vow of the Disciple is set to release next week.

Of course, there’s more coming next week than just a harder raid: The newsletter also offers a preview of patch notes for next week’s update, with fixes for the Altar of Reflection, Trials of Osiris, abilities, and the normal version of Vow of the Disciple. The patch also promises to address stability issues, fix “wonky” stats for Xur’s wares, and rotate destination materials from Rahool at reset once again. It’s all arriving on Tuesday, April 19th, but fans can get a small advance look now.

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