Pixil Online is a free-to-play pixel graphics open world MMORPG for Android devices


There’s always something charming about 16-bit pixel graphic MMORPGs for me. Maybe it’s all of my years playing SNES JRPGs, or the hours I’ve spent trying to make my own pixel RPG in RPG Maker on the PS2 (my game was ballooning into four memory cards’ worth of stuff before I had to stop myself), so you’ll have to forgive me if I look with a soft smile in the direction of Pixil Online, a free-to-play open world MMORPG for Android that’s awash in brightly colored pixel graphic goodness.

According to a post on Reddit that shared the game, Pixil has been out for just about four weeks and its multiple servers have stabilized to a point where the devs at Blendgames are seeking more players. Features of Pixil include PvP, three classes (Warrior, Hunter, or a warlock-style Mage) and the ability to swap classes at any time, and the ability for players to increase levels and skills “without limits.” Upcoming features will include guilds, pets, and events.

Pixil Online is fully free-to-play and requires no account registration, as potential players simply need to link a created character to their Android’s Google account. There’s also a little preview video on Reddit for those who are curious.

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