EVE Echoes tests balance changes for the entire game, EVE Online starts testing capital ship and structure tweaks


The only real constant in the sandboxes of EVE Online is change, and there are changes coming to both the base PC game as well as its sister mobile title EVE Echoes if the questions asked of PTS testers is any indication.

Echoes kicked of a public test that ran between April 9th and April 12th, and the test build appeared to try and balance every aspect of the game, as the aforementioned questionnaire sought feedback on adjustments to Angel and Gurista yield, encounters, various ships and ship classes, armor, shields, and weapons among other things. Timing for these sweeping adjustments isn’t know, but in the meantime Echoes’ latest patch has started three new events.

Meanwhile in the PC game, the Singularity test server is currently open for business to test reduced manufacturing costs for battleships, capitals, and supercapitals (with dreadnoughts being made particularly cheaper), as well as another round of Upwell structure changes that removes their shields and shield caps, armor, hulls, and more. These tweaks and others are intended to make attacking and defending structures more interesting and a bit faster; whether these intentions are met is up to players to decide through the crucible of public testing.

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