ArcheAge tweaks several skills, plans further updates to certain activities, offers a cat butler in new ArchePass

Oh no.

Yes, you read that headline correctly: ArcheAge is going to let players own a cat butler. The latest update to the MMORPG has introduced, among other things, a Wonderland Cat Butler Grand ArchePass, which has a token for players to get the titular cat butler at the very final level of the pass, along with a tabby cat butler glider companion for those who shell out for the premium pass. These will be, very likely, extremely good sirs.

There’s more to the patch than cat butlers, believe it or not. The meat of the patch is primarily about skillset adjustments that touch on a variety of sets including Spelldance, Sorcery, Gunslinger, and Malediction. These changes were outlined in an update preview that further promises to adjust the amount of weekly quests in certain areas, increase rewards for specific faction competitions, and adjust the Drill Camp Arena, all of which are planned for sometime in April.

source: official site (1, 2)
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