Atlas moves into an industrial age with its latest patch


Tar, canvas, rope, oak, gunpowder… and now, power generators and oil derricks. The industrial revolution has arrived to the pirating sandbox of Atlas with its latest patch, bringing the early steps of a wider industrial layer to the game in the form of new wonders to build.

Players can now build a new generator that burns pure sulfur, orichalcum, and brimstone to create the materials needed for two new wall types that provide better defense against either impact damage or explosive damage, while two new industrious statues can be built to grant passive buffs to ship efficiency or resource gathering.

In addition, this patch adds two new regions for players to explore in the form of the Trackless Waters and Unknown Depths, a new Tame House building for those who have lots of tamed animals to manage, and a list of bug fixes. For those privateers of Atlas looking to be industrial mavens, this update is their opportunity to do so.

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