Wurm Online offers previews of an exploration update with treasure maps and the ability to play chess in-game


Looking into the horizon of Wurm Online is soon going to be a gameplay mechanic, as the sandbox MMORPG is looking to introduce exploration mechanics into the game. This upcoming update will be broken up into two parts: a journal rework that will tweak the journal tiers for more flexibility and add new journal tiers for new players, and a treasure hunting mechanic that has players finding treasure maps via mining, fishing, and digging, then following clues to goodies.

A preview of what this treasure hunting gameplay might look like was shared in the most recent newsletter, with a screenshot of an early treasure map that’s noted as work-in-progress and not final. That same newsletter, incidentally, also offers a look at the ability for players to engage in a game of chess, which will also be coming in the exploration update. Release dates for these features are still tentative, but the first portion of the exploration update could arrive in the end of April or early part of May.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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