Lord of the Rings Online just won at anniversary presents with today’s update


Let this be the kindest PSA you’ll get all day: If you have even the most passing interest — or more! — in Lord of the Rings Online, you definitely need to log in during the game’s 15th anniversary, which begins today. That’s because Standing Stone games is giving out the mother of all anniversary gift packages to celebrate the occasion.

On top of all of the content unlocks going forward (High Elf, Rune-keeper, Warden, Beorning, and all quests/expansions through Gondor), LOTRO has scads of presents for everyone. All players will get a corgi pet, a special starry mount, a Starlight cloak, a light weapon aura, mithril coins, a free Gift of the Valar level boost, various boosts and tokens, a carry-all, a free riding trait, and collector’s editions of Mordor, Minas Morgul, and War of Three Peaks.

Some of these gifts will be granted only to the first character that you log onto during the event, so make sure that’s the character you want to receive these items.

And if that’s not all, LOTRO also is cracking open 15-year giftboxes for long-time players that include fireworks, a new portrait frame, and a title.

These gifts come on top of the start of today’s anniversary events (with new rewards and featured instance) and the debut of Yondershire.

Source: LOTRO. Thanks GumpsGang!
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