Space Punks goes free-to-play and hits open beta with today’s Cracked One update


Jagex’s scoring another win today as it joins developer Flying Wild Hog in pushing Space Punks into open beta. Space Punks is a top-down multiplayer ARPG “where players blast their way to fame and fortune by earning easy money in extremely dangerous ways,” which are frankly our favorite kind of ways. The formal move to open beta is accompanied by a shift to free-to-play and a new endgame-centric update, the game’s fifth since it first came to early access.

“The Cracked One Open Beta update gives players old and new the chance to jump into a retooled core gameplay loop, with a new Get-A-Job feature designed for easy quickplay, and a smoother crafting system giving them access to tools of even greater mayhem earlier in their spacefaring careers,” the studios say in today’s announcement.

“It will also introduce Space Punks’ hotly anticipated endgame content with ‘the Crack’. With an endless dungeon mode set deep within ‘the Crack’ Black Hole, it will see players jump from one dimension to another as they explore the unknown and attempt to reach infinity. The dimensions come in two flavors: Common – in which players have to kill a set amount of enemies to move to the next dimension, and Milestone – where players will have to find and kill the area boss to be able to continue gameplay. The update will also launch a raft of key bug fixes and improvements that will extend beyond the launch of the Open Beta.”

OK, but we are gonna need them to stop saying The Crack like that.

Source: Press release, official site
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