Final Fantasy XIV brings back The Maiden’s Rhapsody on April 28

Over and over again.

It’s hard to believe that Final Fantasy XI is going to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. (Especially if you’re marking time by the game’s release in North America, which didn’t happen until October 2003, but that’s a different discussion.) Even Final Fantasy XIV is getting in on the celebration in its own way with the return of the Maiden’s Rhapsody event on April 28th, giving players a chance to celebrate the game’s history once again with a tour of Eorzea featuring FFXI’s Iroha.

Players who have already cleared the event can still take part in the quests with the event replay feature, giving you a second chance to learn about the visitor from Vana’diel and what she seeks in her quest. You won’t receive additional items, though, so if you already have the cosmetic gear you don’t need to worry about that. If you missed the event previously, though, now is your chance to get a new cosmetic set along with a fun reference to the first Final Fantasy MMO.

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