Neverwinter’s ‘Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons’-inspired Dragonslayer module launches this June


At this afternoon’s D&D Direct, Cryptic and Gearbox have revealed that Neverwinter’s Dragonslayer is launching in June. Dragonslayer will mark the game’s 23rd module to date and arrive on PC and console the same month; it’s a tie-in with D&D’s Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, and yes, you’re going to be spending a whole lot of time slaying dragons through the Dragon Hunt system.

“Following the events of Dragonbone Vale, the Shield of the North successfully drove Valindra Shadowmantle out of the Sword Coast, but not before she managed to cast a flawed version of the Scaleblight Mythal,” the studios tease. “The malevolent spell awakened countless dragons to the phenomenon of dragonsight, twisting their motivations and driving them to wild rage. The call for help sounds out once more in Dragonslayer, where players will need to hunt down these deadly dragons, alongside fellow dragonslayers in hopes of saving the Sword Coast.”

“For the first time ever in Neverwinter, the new module Dragonslayer will allow players to experience a new Dragon Hunt system that lets them become one of Smeriduk Dragonbone’s mighty dragonslayers to counterattack dragons in their very lairs. The new system will feature the option of battling various chromatic dragons – from icy White Dragons to cunning Black Dragons – of different ages (Young, Adult, Ancient) with each dragon type presenting its own unique set of challenges to overcome, lairs to explore and rewards to acquire. The upcoming update will also bring a complete revamp of Neverwinter’s dragons, giving these deadly creatures all-new attacks, spells and the ability to take to the skies. Longtime veteran players and new players can also look forward to a major update for the beloved “Temple of Tiamat” Trial as the new version will feature new mechanics and challenges, along with Normal and Master difficulty options.”

Source: Press release
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