Swords of Legends Online opens up a new raid and starts a new battle pass season


The Firestone Legacy continues in Swords of Legends Online, and that means there’s new content available in the MMORPG, specifically some new raid content as the Taihua Instance is now open for players to plumb.

This new raid is available in both easy and normal modes, with the former being noted as a way for players to train themselves for the latter, which is what will drop progression gear including item level 195 gear and a set Ghost Vulture Wings as a flying mount. That’s not to say that the easy mode won’t have rewards waiting; players can get some pet transformation items and complete their weekly cultivation quest in the easy mode version of the raid.

In addition, the new patch kicks off Season 7 of the game’s battle pass, which incidentally is the last battle pass that the battle pass voucher handed out when SOLO went free-to-play can be used, so if you’ve been keeping that voucher in your pocket for a time when you can get some extra cosmetic goodies, this patch is literally the last time you can do so.

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